Important Features of Cellulose Acetate Sheets

Important Features of Cellulose Acetate Sheets

Cellulose acetate is a plastic derived from cellulose with improved properties. Because of the excellent properties of this plastic, it is highly used in making plastic sheets. Cellulose acetate sheets, also known as acetate sheets, are used in multiple applications.

These films are customizable and used in various applications such as;

  • Food packing
  • Clothing template
  • Formation of plastic bags and packing box
  • Colored and frosted folders
  • Fruits and vegetable packaging
  • Decoration and table covering

The popularity of these sheets is because of the countless unique features that make them safe and worth using. The features of these sheets are listed below!

1. Biodegradable

Plastic is one of the major causes of the earth's pollution because of its non-degradable nature. That is why; environmental safety organizations are replacing non-degradable plastics with other consumable materials and plastics.

Cellulose acetate sheets are among those few plastics that are 100% degradable, meaning the bacteria can entirely consume them after use. This extraordinary feature of these sheets makes them the first choice in many applications.

2. Recyclable

Unlike many other plastics, cellulose acetate sheets are recyclable. You can recycle these sheets with different papers and use them repeatedly.

3. Clarity

Cellulose acetate has glass-like clarity because this is non-petroleum-based plastic. Because of the clarity and transparency of these sheets, it becomes very easy to dye the sheets with different colors.

Other than clarity, these sheets are glossy. The glossy appearance of these sheets makes them ideal to use in packaging for better showcasing of products.

4. Chemical Resistance

Cellulose acetate sheets are chemically resistant to all organic and inorganic chemicals. This resistance makes these sheets non-toxic and ideal for the food and other material packaging where vegetables and other hydrocarbons are used. The chemical resistance of these sheets can increase by increasing the acetyl content.

5. Low Moisture Permeability

Cellulose acetate sheets have low to no moisture permeability. That is why extensive use of these sheets as table covers and packaging material where controlling moisture is one of the critical factors in preserving the product quality.

6. Amazing Flexibility

The cellulose acetate sheets are very flexible, which allows for better and quick cutting and molding of these sheets. By altering the thickness and using other chemicals like butyrate and propionate, their flexibility can change according to requirements.

7. Gases Permeability

Cellulose acetate sheets are permeable for gases so they can pass through them. The gas permeability of these sheets allows them to keep the food and other materials fresh for a more extended period during transportation and storage.

8. Printable

Printing is the essential labeling requirement in the packaging. You can print these sheets with a simple photocopier and the inject printers. Besides printing, it's effortless to dye these sheets to make packing attractive.

9. Thermoformable  

Thermoforming is a process in which heat and pressure are used to convert the plastic into different shapes. This ability is pretty convenient for the easy transformation of these sheets in any form, shape, and size.

10. UV Resistant

UV rays can minimize the life of plastics by enhancing their brittleness and decreasing their quality and color. The cellulose acetate sheets are excellent UV resistant, which improves their life and quality.


Whether it's packaging, decoration, or covering, the cellulose acetate sheets are ultimate for every application. You can purchase wholesale acetate sheets from Alibaba at different colors, shapes, sizes, thicknesses, and prices to meet your requirements.