Learning Everything About Real Hair Wigs

Learning Everything About Real Hair Wigs

Real hair wigs are wigs made of real human hair. These real hair wigs have high durability, style versatility, great texture, and a natural look. In this article, we will see about real hair wigs, real hair wigs versus synthetic wigs, reasons to buy, and the best place to buy real hair wigs.

Real Wigs Vs. Synthetic Wigs

There is a list of difference between real hair wigs and synthetic wigs that makes them different in several elements. It deals with appearance, touch, & feel, ability to bleach or color, durability, and ability to be styled & combed, hair shedding, and heat resistance.

1. Appearance, Touch, & feel

Since real hair wigs are made of real human hair they look natural and feel realistic and when you touch it you will know how it feels natural as the hair we possess. Synthetic wigs are made using man-made fibers which don’t give the same feel or touch as a real hair wig.

2. Ability To Bleach Or Color

Real hair wigs can be bleached, dyed, or colored like any other human hair. Synthetic wigs cannot be bleached, dyed, or colored because these man-made fibers cannot absorb these color dyes.

3. Durability

Regarding its longevity and durability, real hair wigs last for about a year or even more even with daily use and some proper care while synthetic wigs only last for about four to six months even with daily use.

4. Can Be Styled & Combed

Real hair wigs can also be styled and combed though they do require a little more effort to do so. It still allows the user to style or comb it they want it to be.

5. Hair Shedding

Real hair wigs are said to shed way less in relative comparison while on the other hand, synthetic wigs shed more than expected over time. This reduces the hair of the wig as time passes.

6. Heat Resistance

Heat-resistant wigs are the type of wigs that can resist heat. Heat-friendly synthetic wigs are a great example.

Where To Buy Real Hair Wigs?


Hairsmarket is highly recommended for you to buy real hair wigs because of its quality hair wigs and the variety of options it offers. You can get all types of wigs like lace wigs, featured wigs, colored wigs, and hair weaves. Let’s look into Hairsmarket and what it offers in detail.

Reasons To Buy

Here is a list of reasons to buy real hair wigs. These reasons include a variety of colors, several textures, global shipping, and sales on bulk purchases.

1. Variety Of Colors

Variety in color hair wigs allows the customer to choose their wig in their favorite color which they can match along with the corresponding color outfit as per their wish. Real hair wigs come in a variety of colors.

2. Several Textures

Textures of real hair wigs include straight hair wigs, curly hair wigs, deep wavy, body wave, kinky curly, loose deep waves, and so on. The texture of the hair wigs enhances the overlook of the hair wig in a more sophisticated manner adding to its style.

3. Global Shipping

Hairsmarket offers its customers global shipping catering to all people in need of real hair wigs around the world.

4. Sales On Bulk Purchases

Hairsmarket offers its customers a list of wholesale options. These options are wholesale hair bundles deal, wholesale hair wig deal, wholesale lace closure and frontal deal, ay 1 and get 2 wigs, accessories, and lastly sample hair.


Hairsmarket’s wigs are one of its best products with a list of colors such as black, green, pink, honey blonde, blonde, brown, ginger blond, burgundy, ginger orange, blonde balayage, and more.