Some Pro Tips for Mildew Removal With a Pressure Washer

Some Pro Tips for Mildew Removal With a Pressure Washer

Mildew is a type of fungus often compared to or mistaken for mold. However, unlike mold, mildew usually appears in white. It is a thin superficial growth that often occurs on living plants and organic matter like wood, leather, and paper. Homeowners often experience mildew in their houses. If left unhandled, the mildew can cause the decomposition of wood used to construct houses. There are numerous tested ways for mildew removal. For instance, you can scrub the affected area with a brush and detergent solution. However, the most effective way to deal with a severe case of mildew is using a pressure washer. This pro tips for pressure washing as an effective method of mildew removal.

Pro tips for power washing mildew

The following tips will help you achieve the best results when removing mildew by power washing;

1. Be conscious of the surface you are working on

Before removing mildew using a power washer, you usually determine the kind of machine and attachments to use. You can only do this by considering the type of surface you plan to work on. Mildew can occur on various surfaces, but mostly on wood. The surface type will determine the amount of pressure you need for the task.

2. Be aware of the PSI requirements for mildew removal

Something else you should do is research the PSI requirements for mildew removal. Experts recommend a PSI range of between 1000 to 2000. However, it also depends on the surface the mildew is on. It would be wise to get a pressure washer that will provide the right pressure to remove the mildew without damaging the surface. Most manufacturers have tested their products for various applications and recommend the right PSI depending on the application and the surface. Therefore, before deciding on the PSI requirement, you should contact a professional for advice.

It is also worth mentioning that you may need to apply different water pressures depending on the stage of mildew removal. For instance, when spraying the cleaning chemicals at the beginning of the mildew removal process, you will need a lower pressure. However, when rinsing off the affected surface, higher pressure is necessary.

3. Go for hot water pressure washers

Something else that will help promote effective and faster mildew removal is using a hot water pressure washer. The hot water from the machine will kill the mildew spores and prevent them from re-occurring soon after the removal.

4. Do not undermine the power of prep work

The preparation steps for mildew removal are essential for the success of the process. Professionals recommend soaking the affected area with chemicals and solutions designed to kill and weaken the mildew. This will make the removal process more efficient.


Removing mildew with a pressure washer is not as hard a task as you may assume. As long as you use the right solution and procedure, the process should be a walk in the park. For example, if you are working on a high surface, you should use an extension wand instead of a ladder. Using a ladder when working with a pressure washer is a recipe for disaster.