Ultimate Human Hair Wig Guide

Ultimate Human Hair Wig Guide

Almost anyone you ask might tell you what a wig is. It is a head accessory made from animal or human hair or synthetic fiber. Being rooted in many countries’ history, Wigs have been there for centuries. And instead of their importance waning as time passed, they have just increased. Now in this scenario, it is absolutely important to make sure that they are bought from a trustworthy source. And Lolly hair does that perfectly. You can click here to learn about their wigs and human hair bundles. Being there in the field for more than five years, they have built a good reputation for themselves and make sure that the customers get the best quality at a competitive price.

The following article will give the readers an insight into the different types of wigs and how Lolly Hair helps them in getting the best one for themselves.

Types Of Hair Wig To Buy

There are many types of Wigs for the customers who want to buy one. Not only based on the material of the Wigs but also on the length of the hair, as given below.

Bob Length Wig

Bob Length Wigs come under the category of 8-inch wigs. These are ideal and perfect for people who want to be a bit bold in their looks and also for workout sessions as well as people who want the summers to not affect them by keeping them cool. This length approximately comes past the chin and above the collarbone when the hair is straight.

Long Straight Hair Wig

This style falls under the category of long hair, which is between 18-22 inches. 18-inch Wigs are the most popular length that customers go for. The length will come past the shoulders and can be made to look beautiful in ways imaginable. Long Straight Hair Wig is a style that makes the customer look glamorous but at the same time is not difficult to maintain.

Body Wave Wig

Falling under the 16-inch category, this comes under long hair as well. The thing about 16-inch Wigs is that they will be having less volume but then the length will be more. Going for this style can result in the customer choosing to style it in a lot of ways. Body waves basically mean a soft or light permanent Wave that is designed to give the hair fullness. Therefore, rest assured that whatever look is chosen, it will go with it.

Curly & Deep Wave Wigs

Same as the body Wave Wig, this falls under the 16-inch category as well, which means that it has the same characteristic features, that is, lesser volume but more length. The difference here is that the waves will be curlier and deeper than the Body Wave Wig, which is just a soft or a Light Wave.

Colored Hair Wigs

Colored Wigs can fall under any length category and the highlight being they just radiate a vibe that is totally different from the regular ones. Every person out there has a unique style and Lolly hair helps them in finding them their unique Wig, be it ombre, blonde, blue, purple, gray, or silver. Any color that you want, Lolly Hair makes sure that you get it for yourself.

Wig With Bangs

Bangs are strands of hair that fall over the hairline to cover the forehead, above the eyebrows. Even though this is the usual length, it can range to various lengths according to the person. Bangs can go with many hairstyles and many lengths. Be it a pixie, or a long layer, you name it and Bangs will go with it in a variety of ways, making it really demanding.


Having more than 5 years of experience in the human hair industry, Lolly hair has made a name and reputation for itself as a rising brand. Providing plenty of products without compromising on quality but at a competitive price, punctual delivery, and a service that can be depended upon, the customers can rest assured that they won’t be disappointed in any manner.