What is a kitchen or egg timer?

What is a kitchen or egg timer?

Although timers are used for various purposes. But a kitchen timer or egg timer is named because of its specific usage in the kitchen. The main function of an egg or kitchen timer is to assist you while baking or cooking in the kitchen. So you can cook or bake your favorite dish without the fear of overcooking or undercooking. These are most commonly used by women as cooking, baking, and using kitchen appliances can be their favorite hobbies. The name kitchen timer or egg timer comes from the usage of the timer in the kitchen in the earlier days of its invention. Timers were most commonly used for boiling eggs in the kitchen. Old designs were able to count for specific periods of time. But new designs can give results more precisely and accurately. Nowadays you can also get a modern hourglass timer having a digital display.

Impact of technology on the timer

In the old days or you can say that traditionally egg timers or kitchen timers were small hourglasses. With the development of technology, hourglass timers were upgraded to mechanical timers, electronic timers, and software timers. The mechanical timer consists of an adjustable dial and hence can be used for timed cooking or pre-cooking. But technology has changed the mechanical timer into a software timer. Those software timers are now used in our homes in smartphones and smartwatches. But the use of a separate timer can give you the vibe of a chef. And if you are a cooking and baking enthusiast then you should think of buying a separate timer for your kitchen.

Cooking appliances now come with built-in timers such as oven timers and microwaves. Now you can boil the egg based on the water temperature. Timers are manufactured with temperature-sensitive sensors nowadays. So you can easily check the cooking condition of your food with the emerging technology.

Egg boiling and timer

Room temperature, altitude, and heat output of the stove play an important role in the boiling of eggs. But timely boiling is also most important. Eggs are full of protein and can denature by applying heat. The liquid of eggs becomes more and more viscous with constant heat addition. So, while boiling an egg the time for boiling should be measured accurately. There are various timers available in the market for boiling eggs. They have generally a time set of 3 to 4 minutes. They come in various designs and shapes. You can grab your favorite one from a reliable website online.

Below are the times for the soft boiling and hard boiling of an egg.

  • Two minutes of boiling give you totally raw yolk and white will be not fully set.
  • Five minutes of boiling give you thick and runny yolk and a full set of white.
  • Eight minutes of boiling give you a full set of white and yolk.

From the above, you can see that timing is important for desired boiling of an egg. And a timer placed in the kitchen can make it easy for you.