Why Do You Need A Ugreen Magnetic Phone Holder

Why Do You Need A Ugreen Magnetic Phone Holder

The growth and popularity of car phone holders have been exponential within the past few years. Many car owners want to buy a phone stand for car because it reduces the distraction while driving. But more importantly, this phone stand in their car will give them more opportunities to use their devices while driving in the safest way possible. However, this depends on the type of phone holder you purchase for your vehicle and how convenient it can be for your use. Ugreen has proven to be one of the most consistent brands in the industry with more than enough reviews from its consumers globally. Today, through this guide, we will discuss why you need to choose a magnetic phone holder from Ugreen.

To reduce driving distractions.

Already, the idea of a car phone holder is an excellent one, as it is convenient to use. But the introduction of innovative features from brands like Ugreen and other top brands has forced a great increase in the demands from users. But apart from the general increase in demands, you need the magnetic Ugreen car phone holder to ensure that you do not have any distractions while driving. You may receive a call during a drive, and in the process of pulling out your phone, you are already getting distracted. Moreso, there will be calls you want to pick up.

With the Ugreen magnetic item on your dashboard, you have your phone right in front of you, and you can rest assured of zero distractions. If a call comes in, it's right there for you to see and determine whether it is an important or unimportant one. Also, you can easily pick if you're the only one in your car for privacy purposes.

Stable features

Ugreen is a brand known for delivering quality with all its products. This magnetic dashboard phone holder is one of their brilliant innovations. The item comes with a 3M adhesive that ensures the phone holder is firm on your dashboard. Hence, regardless of any bumpy movements throughout your journey, there is no need to bother. Also, the magnets are the neodymium types, which means it is very strong to hold your phone together. But in this product, Ugreen uses four of these neodymium magnets for the product. There is no way your phone is coming out of the phone holder except if you choose to. Likewise, there is no way the holder is coming off the dashboard, except if you choose to.

Simple and functional design

The interior of your car is very important to stay intact even when you want to buy a phone holder. The magnetic phone holder is small but very functional. Its small size does not affect the car's interior. Moreso, it comes with a full 360 rotation, so you can use it at every angle necessary.


When picking the type of car phone holder you want, there are a lot of things you may want to consider. The functionality and size of the holder come first, but the design also matters. We have explained some of the functions of the magnetic dashboard phone holder from Ugreen in this article. This information should guide you on why you need this Ugreen.